Integral Home Reforms

Integral Home Reforms

Have you thought about the renovation of your home or how to manage it?

At AD CASADESUS we offer an integral home renovation service that is not only based on the project and the execution of the work, but also on the interior design of its spaces, fully adapted to the needs and budget of our clients.

Our Work Etiquette

We believe that a proper interior design project for a dwelling requires a good working method

That is why we rely on strict organisation and planning. This process runs from the budget definition stage, through the management of the work, and up to the handover of the keys.

At AD CASADESÚS we are experts in integral home renovations, and we will take care of processing all the necessary documentation to obtain building permits, essential for the correct development of the whole process

Work Methodology

We determine the project’s various phases to avoid unforeseen events and optimise times

Study Phase

The first step we take, when we carrying out integral reforms in dwellings, is to analyse the needs and styles of the client.

Assessing whether a complete renovation is needed or specific interventions are necessary, defining the needs and improvements to be realised with the renovation, defining the style, analysing the characteristics of the dwelling and the rooms to be refurbished, among other considerations. Our aim is to attain a practical and functional space, while covering all the client's needs.

Creative Phase

In this phase, ideas and concepts are transformed into concrete proposals. We work on different solutions that adapt to the needs and style of the owner, accompanied by budgets that quantify the amount of work to be carried out. This whole process evolves through a close relationship with the client.

Turnkey Solutions

There is also the choice of processing the entire project with the "turnkey" solution option where the client can completely forget about everything, and start enjoying their dwelling once all the work has been completed.

Planning, Monitoring and Process Control

Once the work to be carried out has been determined, together with the appropriate budget, the plans for the development of the project are drawn up.

All the work, tasks and times, and the contracting of personnel and supplies are planned. It is of the upmost importance to plan all these tasks from the get-go, as well as to carry out a meticulous follow-up and control of the construction process to avoid wasting time that would otherwise delay the delivery of the project and increase its costs.

Scope of action where we provide our services

When a client entrusts Ad Casadesús with a project within the section of integral reforms of houses, he has the guarantee of a sure success. We are dedicated to developing projects tailored to the needs of each client, but most importantly, we have a strong team of professionals who research and is always aware of the main developments in the sector to respond and find the best solution for the customer, with a high standard of quality, apart from the great experience gained over the years in the national and international level.

Ad Casadesús mainly offer our services of integral reforms of houses in Barcelona, as well as in the following towns: Molins de Rei, Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Sant Cugat del Vallés, Collbató, Castellbisbal, Pallejà, Matadepera, Terrassa, Sant Just Desvern, Esplugues de Llobregat and Andorra.

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